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Avropada Karyera is a company based in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, founded by the Czech partner - ONEplanet, ONEbusiness s.r.o.

Both companies have teams of experts with extensive experience in the areas of legislation, education, immigration, employment and other fields.

In Azerbaijan we are dealing with:

  • Finding suitable candidates for jobs in Czech companies. Our major clients include, for example, GATE, KONE, Carrier or DS Smith.
  • Searching for students who are interested in higher education in the Czech Republic.
  • Connecting Azerbaijani applicants with universities in the Czech Republic and advice on choosing a university and study field.
  • Full service for employees and students in obtaining visas and helping settle in the Czech Republic.


  • Offices in both countries
  • Teams of professionals with years of experience
  • Qualified market and studies analysis
  • Individual market research
  • Full service
  • Research based on the client’s needs
  • Advice and assistance before and after the arrival to the Czech Republic
  • High flexibility

Meet our team

We are a team of qualified Czech and Azerbaijani professionals with a broad knowledge of international legislation, the labour market and higher education.

We have our own experience of working and studying abroad, especially in the countries we work with.

Therefore, we demonstrate a very good orientation in local environments, so we can respond to the needs and questions of our clients and can understand how the candidates can feel during their long-term stay in the foreign country, studying or working.

person photo

Orkhan Jabarov

Recruitment Manager

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Shebnem Kheyrullayeva

Education Recruitment Specialist

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Petra Bašová

Acting director in charge of Recruiting

We are here for you

In case you are looking for detailed information or have a question regarding a job or studies, feel free to contact us.

We speak Azerbaijani, Russian, English and Czech.