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Do you want to work in the Czech Republic?

Avropada Karyera connects jobseekers with potential employers in the Czech Republic.

Based on the requirements of our clients operating in the Czech Republic, we are looking for suitable candidates in Azerbaijan. After multiple-rounds interviews, possible tests and thorough analysis of their work experience, education, personal situation and their needs and requirements, we connect the candidates with their potential employers.

Avropada Karyera organizes personal interviews between the employer and the candidates. Based on those interviews the employer will choose the suitable candidates and offer them to sign an employment contract.

We will provide the successful candidates with all the necessary requirements for obtaining the work permit in the Czech Republic. We will guide the candidates through the whole process of applying for a work permit and we will also ensure the representation of candidates at the Czech authorities in Azerbaijan and in the Czech Republic.

We provide full service to the candidates before and during the arrival to the Czech Republic.Our goal is for all sides to be happy with the provided services.

We will help you:

  • Connecting to a suitable employer in the Czech Republic
  • Providing information on the employer, the job position, the conditions of cooperation, the Czech labour law, etc.
  • Providing everything necessary for the application for a work permit in the Czech Republic including consultancy, guidance through the process of the application for a work permit and representation before the Czech authorities
  • Advice on life in the Czech Republic
  • Assistance on departure and arrival to the Czech Republic, help with unexpected events

Candidates become our full partners.

The highest quality of provided services down to the last detail is profoundly important for us.


Do you want to study in the Czech Republic?

Do you want to study in the Czech Republic and you don’t speak Czech? We will help you find a university with a programme taught in English.

There are 67 accredited universities in the Czech Republic, 39 of them are private, 26 are public and 2 are state-owned. In most private universities it is possible to study in English. Universities offer about 1,000 different study programs.

Around 43,000 foreign students are studying in the Czech Republic.

Compared to other European countries, higher education in the Czech Republic is more affordable and the cost of living is relatively low. Due to its location in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic makes it easy for you to travel to other European countries.

We will help you:

  • сhoose a suitable university and study field
  • meet the conditions for admission to the chosen university
  • arrange accommodation in the Czech Republic
  • apply for a long-term student visa
  • buy airplane tickets and provide a transfer from the airport
  • Before departure, arrange everything necessary for your stay in the Czech Republic
  • guarantee the student status in the Czech Republic
  • provide initial orientation in the country of residence
  • we will do our best to help you with any extra needs that you might have.

Students testimonials


My departure to the Czech Republic went very smoothly. Avropada Karyera took care of all the necessary things. I am very happy with my new job.



I only got a new job in the Czech Republic thanks to Avropada Karyera. During the whole process they were helping me not only with the necessary formalities but also with my private affairs. I am excited to work and live in the Czech Republic. I have already started learning Czech.


Avropada Karyera not only helped me choose a suitable university in the Czech Republic, but also with the process of applying there and the move to the Czech Republic. I appreciate the fact that they helped me meet all the requirements of the school for admission to study. Studying in Czech is not as demanding as it may seem. Knowledge of another language will definitely help me in my career.


I do not regret taking my chance to go work abroad to a country that was unknown to me and far from my home. I was welcomed by this very friendly country and its hard-working people. This step I took changed my life.


I learned about Avropada Karyera on Facebook. I really liked their employees' approach. They answered all my questions not only about the work, but about the life in the Czech Republic and about what I should be expecting there. They also took care of my family. I can highly recommend working with them!


I always wanted to study abroad. The Czech Republic offers everything I want and I really need. University with tradition and good reputation, high quality education, the opportunity to visit other European countries, to find friends around the world thanks to foreign students and good living conditions. Czech Republic and especially Prague are just great!


The job in the Czech Republic has met my expectations 100%. After the arrival everything was ready for us, we were helped to settle in the foreign country, got orientation around the city, and we were welcomed by the very friendly team at our work place. The workplace meets high standards in every possible way.

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Why the Czech Republic?

Schengen zone
Česká republika
safest country in the world
Česká republika
2.3 %
Česká republika

Companies testimonials

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  • We value our cooperation with Avropada Karyera as highly effective. Cooperating with them is always trouble-free thanks to their qualified team, and they always help us find job candidates that meet all our requirements.

    GATE Agency

    Jakub Pistorius
    Client Service director

  • Our university CEVRO Institut was happy to accept the offer from Avropada Karyera to enroll more foreign students from Azerbaijan. This was another step fulfilling our university’s concept of being an open platform in the multicultural world, and leading our students and professors in the spirit of our school. This cooperation is great for both the university and the foreign students and benefits both sides tremendously, and the professionals from Avropada Karyera are doing their best organizing this cooperation.

    CEVRO Institut

    Prof. Josef Šíma, Ph. D.

We are here for you

In case you are looking for detailed information or have a question regarding a job or studies, feel free to contact us.

We speak Azerbaijani, Russian, English and Czech.